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MATOX 200K – cement adhesive for ceramic and porcelain tiles (Premium)

For fixing stoneware and earthenware tiles and mosaics made of ceramics and stoneware. For laying ceramic tiles and slabs with a profiled back indoors, outdoors and in permanently wet areas. Workability of prepared mortar is over 90 minutes.


Stir MATOX 200K into clean, clear water until it is completely free of lumps. Approx. 7-8 l of water are needed to prepare 25 kg (mixing ratio 3:1). MATOX 200K adheres to all solid, load-bearing, clean, dry and moist surfaces free of substances which ca cause separation. Remove any coatings with inadequate bearing strength. Depressions of up to 5 mm depth can be repaired and screeded over with MATOX 200K the day before.


Apply the thin-bed mortar according to the recognized rules of the thin-bed method. Use a notched spreader with suitable toothing so that the raised mortar is at least 65 %. Fresh excess mortar can be removed with water, once hardened material can only be removed mechanically. Wall coverings can be grouted after only 24 hours, floor coverings after 48 hours.

matox lepak za plocice


Obradivost/Workability: > 90 min.
Potrošnja/Coverage: 2-3 kg/m²
Mešanje/Mixing ratio: 7-8 litara vode / 25kg
Klizanje/Creep: < 0,1mm Pakovanje/Packaging: vreća 25kg / 25kg sack Skladištenje/Storage: 12 meseci / 12 months


200K only in dry conditions and at temperatures of +5 °C to +30 °C.