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MATOX 600F – interior filler compound for ceramic tiles/grouting mortar

MATOX 600F is designed for filling joints of ceramic tiles and like flooring materials (mosaic, stone tiles etc.). It is suitable for joints of 5mm in thickness, indoor only. It is easily prepared and applied. It is available in large variety of colors from MATOXCOLOR filler compounds color chart.


Stir MATOX 600F into clean, clear water until it is completely free of lumps. Approx. 7-8 l of water are needed to prepare 25 kg (mixing ratio 3:1). The prepared mix should rest at room temperature fore 10 to 15 minutes before application. Before applying stir the prepared mix well. If needed, correct the density of the mix by carefully adding clean water. Workability of the filler compound is over 120 minutes.


The ready mix should be applied on the surface with a rubber applicator or a steel trowel. When the applied material changes colors (5 to 10 minutes after application), wash the surface with a wet sponge and wipe and polish it with a rug. If the working temperature is over +25 °C, wet the joints with water. Workability of the filler compound is over 120 minutes. You can walk on the floor 24 hours after applying MATOX 600F.

MATOX 600F - masa za fugovanje keramičkih pločica


Obradivost/Workability: > 120 min.
Potrošnja/Coverage: 0,3 kg/m²
Mešanje/Mixing ratio: 7-8 litara vode / 25kg
Boja/Color: >256 nijansi / colors
Pakovanje/Packaging: 2, 5 i 25kg vreća / sack
Skladištenje/Storage: 12 meseci / 12 months


Floor tiles can be walked on after 24 hours.