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MATOX 715P – acrylic primer (Standard)

MATOX 715P is a waterborne acrylic primer. It is recommended before applying facaed finishing plasters.


The substrate which shall be painted shall be clean, with good adhesion, dry and dustfree. Dilute with clean water 4:1.


Apply with a roller, brush or sprying. If the material is applyed on high daily temperatures, protect the surface from direct sunlight.

715p akrilna podloga


Potrošnja/Coverage: 9-15 m²/kg
Mešanje/Mixing ratio: 4:1 voda / water
Pakovanje/Packaging: kanta 5kg / 5kg can
Skladištenje/Storage: 24 meseci / 24 months


Always apply acrylic primer before applying facade finishing plasters.