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MATOX 800BK – concrete primer (concrete-contact)

MATOX 800BK is a concrete primer for mineral substrates and represents a bonding layer between low absorption surfaces and mortars. It is recommended for priming smooth concrete walls and ceilings before applying mortars MATOX 100U and MATOX 105S.


The surface on which MATOX 800BK is to be applied must be clean and dry. Eventual oil and dust shoul d be removed. Before t he application, adjust the density by carefully adding water (up to 30%) and stir well. During the application stir primer from time to time.


Use roller or spraing device for application of MATOX 800BK. Mortar should be applied only on dry surface treated with MATOX 800BK (2-4 hours). Make sure no dust comes in contact with the primed surface. Surface should be protected from direct sunlight and other sources of heat.

prajmer za beton


Obradivost/Workability: /
Pokrivnost/Coverage: 4-6 m²/kg
Sušenje/Drying time: 2-4 sata / hours
Mešanje/Mixing ratio: do 6 l vode / 20kg
Pakovanje/Packaging: 20 kg kanta/can
Skladištenje/Storage: 6 meseci / 6 months


Before plastering, apply MATOX 800BK on concrete surfaces.