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MATOX 930SI – silicate finishing plaster (Premium)

MATOX 930SI is a silicate finishing plaster for external use on mineral surfaces. It can be used anyware where structural and resistant surface is required. It is recommended for termoinsulation system with mineral wool, for renovation and restauration.


Loose or damaged surfaces should be treated with primer. Finishing plaster in combination with a primer creates a secure and mechanically strong surface. Surface must be clean, firm and dry, with a moisture content of maximum 18%. Do not work on temperatures belove +5 °C and above +25 °C or if the humidity is above 80%. Always use the primer before applying MATOX finishing plasters. Before application, dilute the product with 5-10% of clean water and steer well.


Apply with a stainless steel trowel or with a facade plastering machine. Final structure is achieved by using a plastic or teflon trowel

930si silikatni zavrsni malter


Struktura/Structure: zrnasta/zaribana (kratz/rille)
Granulacija/Granulation: 1, 1.5, 2, 3 mm
Mešanje/Mixing ratio: 5-10% vode / water
Baze/Base: A (bela/white), C
Pakovanje/Packaging: kanta 25kg / 25kg can
Skladištenje/Storage: 12 meseci / 12 months


Use MATOX 930SI only at temperatures of +5°C to +25°C